Terms and Conditions

Pre-ordering Terms and Conditions


All "pre-order" items will be clearly marked by Side Rhode Studio in the item's title as well as it's description. When purchasing "pre-order" items from Side Rhode Studio, the customer allows for pre-order time (also listed in description). Once ordering is closed, the production of the screen-printed items will begin and the shipment will go out approximately 2 weeks from the closing date. Start and close dates will be posted within each individual item's description. Side Rhode Studio is not responsible for production delays that may occur due to equipment issues or other circumstances outside of our control. Adjustments may also be made to timeline based on holiday schedules and promotions. 


Purchasing a "pre-order" item gives Side Rhode Studio permission to process payment at the point of sale. Side Rhode Studio reserves the right to cancel an item at any point. If the item goes into production and the customer requests a refund after the closing date, a 30% restocking fee will be assessed and the remainder of the balance will be issued to the customer. If for some reason production of an item is canceled by Side Rhode Studio, a full refund will be issued. 

Optional Sticker Shipment

First Class Mail Letter - Not tracked, Stickers only

This shipping option is used at the risk of the customer. This option is not tracked. Once stickers are mailed, the customer will be notified and Side Rhode Studio is not responsible for lost mail or a later than expected arrival timeframe.


For additional questions please contact Side Rhode Studio.